About Me

I am Niquel, a certified Reiki III Master Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Diamond Light Healer, Psychic Medium, Channeler, and Shamanic Healer. I am passionate about helping my clients live their fullest life by discovering their inner truth. My gifts were awakened after witnessing the traumatic passing of my grandmother. Having my grandmother pass in my arms has given me a deeper understanding and compassion for my clients experiencing grief.


In a session, Spirit shows me vivid details about you and your loved ones, allowing me to use symbolism, words, colors, and feelings to share their feelings, memories, and messages with you. Whether a psychic, intuitive, healing, or mediumship session, I am able to tune into your past, present, and future, providing you with insight and clarity. During a healing session, I can easily blend with your soul and see where blockages are within your body, allowing me to send healing to specific areas removing your chronic pain, and giving you the tools needed to continue healing long after the session ends! I am also a proud author of 10 books and mother of 2 beautiful girls!


"Life is all about taking chances, trust the internal compass, which is your intuition, and it will never steer you wrong!"


Psychic Readings
Mediumship Readings

A psychic reading is an intuitive session channeled by my guides, connecting with your higher self, accompanied by tarot or oracle cards to answer any burning questions you may have about love, health, wealth, or spirituality.

In a mediumship reading, I will connect to a loved one in spirit to bring you messages of love, healing, compassion, closure, a sense of peace, or maybe a laugh or two.

Crystal/Pendulum Healing

I can tune into your body and energetic field to see where you are unbalanced and blocked. Using a pendulum and crystals, I will treat your chakras, chronic pains, and illnesses, leaving you feeling refreshed and rebalanced.

Intuitive Healing

With a distance healing session, I can open your field, remove any energetic blocks with energy healing to help you be a clear channel to manifest your dreams, feel better, connect with your guides and follow your intuition.


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What people are saying!



Niquel is one of the most gifted people I have ever met! I have seen other psychics but none have compared to her gifts and delivery! I now use her as my regular psychic and as my smudge spray supplier ❤️Her readings are always on point and she is a huge asset to my spiritual team! We have thoughtful conversations and she has helped me make some major shifts in my life. If you want good conversation and to hear what you need to know from spirit, reach out to Niquel!



I've received a couple tarot readings from Niquel so far, and am already looking forward to the next. The strength of her intuition and connection to the spirit realm are truly breathtaking. Her eloquent guidance toward the highest good of the people has always left me with a warm feeling after her readings. She's truly an ally of the light, and puts everything she has into helping her clients. She has my deepest trust.



I met Niquel at a psychic fair a couple of years ago. I was instantly attracted to her energy and genuineness. She has amazing gifts and is my go-to reader. She is accurate and really takes her time to deliver your messages. She is also extremely accommodating. I have never been disappointed with any of my readings from Niquel.